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Crochet Easy Sunflower Coaster Pattern

This crochet sunflower coaster adds a touch of nature-inspired charm to any setting. Boasting a vibrant yellow petal border that encircles a rich brown center, it mimics the iconic look of a sunflower. The textured surface not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides grip for glassware.

Crochet Easy Sunflower Coaster Pattern 2

The sunflower coaster serves as a practical accessory for protecting surfaces from heat and condensation. Its cheerful design can brighten up coffee tables and desks, making it a delightful gift for plant lovers and crochet enthusiasts. Easy to wash and durable, it is suited for daily use.

Created with simple crochet stitches, this coaster is an enjoyable project even for beginners. It starts with crocheting a circular base followed by crafting petal details in a contrasting color. Using just a few basic materials, one can create this functional artwork in a single sitting.

How durable are crochet sunflower coasters for everyday use?

Crochet sunflower coasters are quite durable when made with quality yarn and can withstand daily use. To maintain their look, hand wash gently and lay flat to dry.

Crochet Easy Sunflower Coaster Pattern

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