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Crochet Reversible Flower Doll Pattern

The Crochet Reversible Flower Doll Pattern showcases a delightful 2-in-1 design, cleverly melding a playful doll with an artistic flower. With a 6.5-inch diameter and a 6-inch height in doll form, its harmonious blend of worsted yarn colors brings to life the doll’s cozy appearance and the flower’s vibrant charm.

Crochet Reversible Pattern 2

This inventive crochet pattern offers versatility, serving as both a toy and decorative piece. Perfect for gifting to children or for brightening any space, its reversible nature ensures it suits multiple occasions. Its customizable color schemes make it an adorable addition to any room or toy collection.

Crafted using worsted and sport yarns, the pattern is divided into accessible parts, easing the creation process over three days. Its comprehensive design includes detailed stitches for the body, arms, hair, petals, stem, and leaves, making it an enjoyable project for intermediate crocheters looking to refine their skills.

What materials are needed for the Crochet Flower Doll Pattern?

You’ll need a 3.0mm hook, Brava worsted yarn in cream, fairy tale, and green colors, sport yarn for details, a needle, polyfill, and floral wire.

Crochet Reversible Pattern

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