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Crochet Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pillow

The Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pillow captures the endearing whimsy of Studio Ghibli’s beloved creatures. Crafted with luxurious faux fur yarn, its round, plush form and offset beady eyes offer a lively charm. The fluffy texture beckons with an irresistible cuddle invite, perfect for fans seeking a cute and cozy touch.

Crochet Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pillow

Crochet Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pillow 2

A versatile home accessory, this crochet Soot Sprite doubles as a playful decoration and a comfortable pillow. Constructed with ‘anti-pilling’ premium acrylic yarn for longevity, it’s sure to be a treasured item for relaxation and imaginative play. The pillow’s unique expressions add a dynamic feature, bringing animation to any space.

Creating the pillow involves crocheting two round pieces and a pair of eyes, then assembling with a soft stuffing inside. It requires familiarity with basic crochet stitches and techniques such as the ‘Yarn Under Single Crochet’, and the invisible fasten-off method for a clean finish.

How durable is the Soot Sprite Crochet Pillow?

It’s made with Scheepjes’ ‘anti-pilling’ yarn to ensure a durable, long-lasting finish perfect for frequent use.

Crochet Soot Sprite Amigurumi Pillow

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