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Crochet Tyrion Lannister Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet pattern brings the iconic Tyrion Lannister to life as a 7.5-inch tall amigurumi figure. With attention to character-specific details, the crochet version showcases notable features including the Lannister burgundy and gold attire.

Crochet Tyrion Lannister Amigurumi Pattern 2

The Tyrion Lannister amigurumi can serve as a nostalgic piece for fans, a collector’s item, or a handmade gift. It features safety eyes, embroidered detailing, and is constructed from various yarn colors to capture the essence of the character.

The creation process involves crocheting in the round and mastering stitches such as increasing, decreasing, and color changes. Yarn in beige, gold, and other colors is used, alongside safety eyes and stuffing, to craft this intricate piece.

What size safety eyes are used for the Tyrion Lannister amigurumi pattern?

The pattern requires 6 mm safety eyes to give the Tyrion Lannister amigurumi a lifelike expression.

Crochet Tyrion Lannister Amigurumi Pattern

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