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Crochet C2c Hot Air Balloon Blanket

The C2C Hot Air Balloon Blanket features a playful, whimsical design, comprised of colorful squares forming a delightful hot air balloon mosaic. This blanket, with its vibrant colors and cozy feel, adds a touch of warmth and imagination to any room, making it a visually stunning piece.

C2c Hot Air Balloon Blanket

C2c Hot Air Balloon Blanket 2

Ideal for chilly nights, this blanket serves as a perfect throw for beds or couches. Given its enchanting hot air balloon theme, it also makes a fantastic gift for baby showers or a whimsical addition to an aviation-themed nursery, contributing warmth and charm.

Created using the corner-to-corner crochet technique, this blanket allows crafters to bring a graph-based design to life. Even with numerous color changes required, the provided full video tutorial simplifies the process, making this project suitable for advanced beginners looking to enhance their crochet skills.

What skill level is required to crochet the C2C Hot Air Balloon Blanket?

The C2C Hot Air Balloon Blanket is suited for advanced beginners familiar with color changes and eager to learn new techniques through a video tutorial.

C2c Hot Air Balloon Blanket

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