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Crochet Cuddly Crab Amigurumi Pattern

Engage yourself in the joy of creating a delightful crochet crab amigurumi, customizable in a palette of vibrant colours to suit your style. This charming design features intricate details including cute leggies, precise pinchers, and a pair of safety eyes, ensuring your crab has a friendly, recognizable face. Perfect for gifting, decorating, or as a cherished keepsake, this crochet project promises to be as enjoyable to make as it is to showcase.

Crochet Crab Pattern

Can I customize the crochet crab colors?

Absolutely! Pick your favorite yarns to make it as unique as you like.

Technical Notes:

  • Crochet in continuous rounds, unless specified otherwise.
  • Use a stitch marker or piece of yarn to keep track of the last stitch in each round.

Tools and Materials:

  • 4.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Darning Needle and
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers
  • Fiberfill Stuffing
  • 10mm black safety eyes

Abbreviations (US):

  • BLO: Back Loop Only
  • FLO: Front Loop Only
  • SC: Single Crochet
  • MC: Magic Circle
  • SL ST: Slip Stitch
  • INC: Increase
  • DEC: Decrease
  • Bobble: for this bobble, you’ll pull through SIX loops on your hook!
  • Ch: Chain
  • CC: color change
  • ST: Stitch
  • R: Round
  • (…)X: Repeat stitches within parentheses… times
  • (…): Number of stitches at the end of round.

Step By Step Guide

BODY(starting in red)

  • 1. MCX6 (6)
  • 2. INC x 6 (12)
  • 3. (SC, INC) x 6 (18)
  • 4. (2SC, INC) x 6 (24)
  • 5. (3SC, INC) x6 (30)
  • 6.. SC, INC, 2SC, Bobble, SC, INC,
  • 2SC, Bobble, SC, INC, (4SC, INC) x 3 (36)
  • 7. FLO 36 SC (36)
  • CC to white
  • 8. BLO of R7 36 SC (36)
  • Insert safety eyes into bobble stitches.
  • 9. (4SC, DEC) x 6 (30)
  • 10. 3SC, DEC) x 6 (24)
  • 11. SC, DEC) x 8 (16)
  • 12. DEC x 8 (8)

Close off amigurumi and weave in yarn tails!

Leggies (x2!)

Using your red yarn, SL ST in the 3rd stitch away from Carlton’s pincher. Chain 6, and working from the 2nd chain from the hook, 5SC. SL ST into the next stitch and repeat this process 2 more times, to make 3 legs. Finish off and weave your yarn tail to the first tail, tie to secure, and weave in your yarn tails to hide.

Repeat on the opposite side. You want to make sure your leggies curve downward. Crochet your first side, front to back, then the second set, back to front, towards the pincher, as shown.

Pinchers (x2!)

Using your red yarn, SL ST into the second stitch away from the right eye on R8. Chain 6, and working from the 2nd chain from the hook, INC x 2. Chain 3 here, and 2nd chain from the hook, INC x2. Then you’ll continue down the crab arm with 3SC. SL ST back in the same stitch, tie off and weave in your yarn tails.

Repeat this process on the left side.

Mouth (optional)

Optional, using black embroidery thread, embroider a mouth centered below Carltons eyes.

Crochet Crab Pattern 1

Designer: Katyscutecrochet On Instagram

Crochet Cuddly Crab Amigurumi Pattern Free