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Crochet Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Pattern

This Jon Snow Amigurumi captures the essence of the Game of Thrones character with impressive detail. Standing between 20cm to 30cm tall, depending on yarn and hook size, his iconic costume is recreated in crochet form, complete with his signature cloak and hairstyle.

Crochet Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Pattern 2

This crochet figure is perfect for Game of Thrones fans, serving as a unique collectible, a thoughtful gift, or a decorative piece for any themed room. Its detailed design, including optional embroidered eyes for safety, makes it suitable for fans of all ages.

Using materials such as yarn in various colors, a crochet hook, safety eyes, and stuffing, this pattern involves a series of crocheting techniques including single crochet, increases, and decreases. Detailed parts like the hair, beard, and cloak add depth to the character’s appearance.

Can beginners attempt this Jon Snow Amigurumi pattern?

Yes, with patience and practice. While some steps require attention to detail, the comprehensive pattern instructions guide crafters of all levels through each stage of creation.

Crochet Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Pattern

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