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Crochet Rainbow Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet rainbow amigurumi comes in two adorable sizes, perfect for a variety of decorative needs. The larger version’s dimensions range between 3.5″ and 5.7″, while the smaller one measures between 2″ and 2.8″. With vibrant stripes in classic rainbow hues, these handcrafted creations bring a touch of charm and color to any space.

Crochet Rainbow Amigurumi

Crochet Rainbow Amigurumi 2

These crocheted rainbows can serve multiple purposes. The larger size is ideal for nursery decorations, such as wall hangings or baby mobiles. The smaller size makes a delightful addition to keyrings, backpacks, or as stroller toys. Their versatile use and portable nature make them wonderful gifts or keepsakes with a personal touch.

To create these delightful amigurumi rainbows, crocheters will work with colorful yarns, using different hook sizes to achieve the two distinct sizes. The process involves crocheting in a continuous spiral, with easy-to-follow increases for shaping. Final touches include stuffing and sewing for a plush, 3D finish.

Can these amigurumi rainbows be machine washed?

Hand washing is recommended. Gently wash with mild detergent and air dry to maintain shape and color.

Crochet Rainbow Amigurumi

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