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Crochet Rainbow Keychain Pattern

This Crochet Rainbow Keychain captivates with its vibrant layers of colors, mirroring a real rainbow’s charm. Measuring around 4.5 cm, not including the keychain loop, it boasts a playful fringe detail at each color transition, adding a whimsical touch to its semicircular shape.

Crochet Rainbow Keychain

Crochet Rainbow Keychain 2

Designed to add a burst of color and positivity, this keychain serves as a delightful accessory for keys or can be used to decorate bags and zippers. Its lightweight and durable design make it an ideal handmade gift or a cheerful addition to your crafts collection, promising to bring good luck.

The creation process involves crocheting concentric arcs, starting with purple and progressing through the rainbow to red, using Amigurumi thread. The piece is folded, sewn at the top, and finished with a fringe. Customize by playing with colors and adding unique touches.

What materials are needed for the Crochet Rainbow Keychain?

Amigurumi yarn in rainbow colors, a compatible crochet hook, a tapestry needle, a stitch marker, and keyring attachments are required.

Crochet Rainbow Keychain

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